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Where to Shop, Eat, and Exercise on Equal Pay Day Today

12 local businesses have teamed up with Lean In DC to offer Equal Pay Day Deals. 

These 23% discounts call attention to the fact that women still make 77 cents to a man’s dollar, and we encourage community members to take action towards ensuring women achieve equal pay for equal work.  Today marks the point in the year when women’s wages finally catch up to men’s from the previous year meaning that because of the wage gap, women worked an average of 59 days out of the year for free in 2013.

Hank’s on the Hill

Uber ($23 credit for new customers only)

Pizzeria Paradiso (all day at all 3 DC locations; just mention the promotion to your server)

Reformation Fitness (use code EQUALPAY to get 23% off packages of group pilates and studio classes)

Bar Method DC  (we’ll post link to coupon for new client special on Tuesday April 8th)

Dacha Beer Garden (23% off Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier and Pilsner)

Boundary Road  (23% discount on drinks for women all day and night.  11am-130am.)

The Ugly Mug  (lunch special; 9PM-close special)

Jaime Andrews Fitness (23% off women and weights and yoga classes on Tuesday April 8th)

Robbie Simon Jewelry (online deal)

Kendra-Phillip Jewelry (online deal - use promo code EQUAL PAY DAY)

Healthy Directions (use promotion code PAYDAY)

Don’t live in DC? Some other cities are joining in!


DSF Clothing Company (San Fransisco)

Akoya (San Fransisco)

New Haven

Froyo World


You can always engage online using #equalpayday. Check out some sample tweets and shareable graphics here!